About Life Space
Life Space is a Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can posts, photos, video

Life’s Space LLC is a company founded on the beliefs of free speech and user privacy. We make it our mission to create a safe environment for businesses and individuals alike. As part of that mission, we encourage all users to learn about any and all sites and other online interactions we all experience. Life’s Space seeks to provide an easy and safe environment for others to communicate and learn about the world around them. We thank you for joining our community, and we hope that we are worthy of your trust.

Meet the CEO

My name is Daniel Goff and I am the CEO of Life’s Space LLC. I am a very strong believer in freedom of speech as well as friendship. I believe people from all walks of life are valuable. I also believe that listening is the most important skill any leader can achieve. If you have any questions or concerns about me or my company, feel free to reach me at myneighbordaniel@yahoo.com