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NHL 21: The best way to Finish all HUT Group of the Year master sets

Despite the shutdown of the National Hockey League for over four months on account of the wake of COVID-19, 2020 was still a big year for many of the league's top players. Each of the players that made the TOTY received special player things in Hockey Ultimate Team, which can be obtained either via pack pulls or by finishing master sets.

How to finish all HUT group of the Year master collections.

Six players (Leon Draisaitl, Artemi Panarin, David Pastrnak, Victor Hedman, Cale Makar, Andrei Vasilevskiy) received special player things at Hockey Ultimate Team, and every one of these athletes has a master TOTY item.Team of the Year participant items are very valuable in Buy Hut 21 Coins. Every one of these six cards will automatically be updated based upon that participant's highest-rated participant thing. To illustrate, Leon Draisaitl's TOTY item, at launching was 93 OVR. However, if Draisaitl receives a 95 OVR Team of the Week player item later this year, the TOTY card may even update to 95 OVR.