How a cloud specialist can help you?

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To really be able to leverage this liberating and strategic character of cloud computing, you cannot embrace the cloud with your own arms

To really be able to leverage this liberating and strategic character of cloud computing, you cannot embrace the cloud with your own arms and hope that your team, with so many other tasks in the routine, can get the most out of the technology.

In this sense, what most companies do is bet on a partnership specialized in solutions using cloud computing. This intermediation to remotely implement and manage an environment is what really differentiates the choice between cloud or local server. It is to guarantee all advantages by spending less and with more predictability in your investments.

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Both at a logical and physical level, you need to plan and watch over your company's data. The CID must be taken into account - confidentiality, integrity and availability, which requires financial, technical and human resources from the IT department. When adopting the local or on-premise model, it is necessary to understand and measure these factors and their impacts on the complexity of environmental management. After all, both virtual threats and old issues such as theft of physical equipment, flooding and other events can affect the CID.

Cloud computing providers work these factors very hard, as it is their core activity. Mechanisms, processes and policies are adopted, both at the logical level - virtualization, firewalls, VPNs, monitoring, IAM access management and others - and at the physical level, with professional and certified data centers (TIER) that must have fire protection systems, connection to another data center, redundant links and power, etc.

In the case of local servers, support is generally limited to the assistance of purchased hardware. This type of service is very objective and has no relation to the implementation of the equipment in the business.

When the server is in the cloud, in addition to faster and more remote support, interventions are more associated with the impact that a problem with the system has on the operation. In other words, there is a context and the solutions presented are based on your company's performance.

Focus on business
Finally, it is worth emphasizing that the cloud computing solution helps to focus the IT team on a strategic role within the business, seeking to use technology as a driver of innovation, quality and efficiency.

This is because, with its own servers, IT is always divided between maintaining the structure and using it in the best possible way. The cloud eliminates this first need and frees professionals in the sector to take care of the implementation, management and use of these assets.

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