An increasing number of authors are interested in how to market a book with social media contests for a good reason – they can be useful and don't cost a lot. A unique and well-planned contest on the social media channel of your choice can help expand your audience. It also allows you to engage with prospective readers and existing fans. As a result, they're a useful way to promote your book and name online. If you've never tried holding a contest before, it can be easier than you think. Like anything else, you need to begin by setting expectations and goals. Once you do, you're ready to get underway.

Goals are book and authors social media contests might include trying to build your email list or simply to gain followers on a specific platform. If gathering emails is the goal, it's evident that entering the contest needs to require the submission of an email address.  Being clear about what you hope to accomplish with your content is crucial to planning and setting it up for success. You want to maximize reach and effectiveness and make the contest fun and engaging so that people enjoy it and have favorable impressions. Therefore, understand your audience's interests is a critical success factor.

A cardinal rule of social media contests for book promotion is to give your target audience a good reason to enter. If you're offering a prize of some type, make sure it speaks to its interests. Also, think creatively about prizes. They don't need to be physical items necessarily. Perhaps it's as simple as a mention of the winner in your social media. Also, signed copies of your book, merchandise like t-shirts, or event tickets can be attractive prizes.  As you're deciding, ask yourself whether or the prize is something you would enjoy receiving. If the answer is yes, it's a good idea.

Launching your contest well is vital to its success. Do something that gets people's attention. Any graphics should be professional and well-executed. If you do them well the first time and they work, you can reuse them for future contests. Contest promotion is essential, and you should begin with promotion before the contest officially begins. Also, re-promote and remind people about the entry deadline so that every who is interest remembers to enter. Throughout the process, make sure to check in entries, post updates, and give people feedback. You taking it seriously makes the contest more valuable.