In regards to Falz Elder being closed on Naverius and a renamed Ragol

In regards to Falz Elder being closed on Naverius and a renamed Ragol

Luther did the structure of wopal, and recent enough that the natives didn't forget ARKS ops' language. Lately enough that they were fluent in said language. If they had more than several hundred years, it's more likely they would have adapted over only a dialect and rather developed their own language according to ARKS language. To how Spanish and French have been derived from Latin similar, nevertheless different from one another. There's also"dead languages", languages which fell from usage over time. Bearing this in pso2 sales mind, and the fact Naverius doesn't have any natives effective at communication, it stands to reason that the destroys Naverius were of a short lived civilization that didn't have the time to make a super lasting impact.

In regards to Falz Elder being closed on Naverius and a renamed Ragol, ARKS would have been in a position to rapidly respond with their brand new technologies from Xion. This is further supported by the concept that Photoners were simply humans/newmans with Photon Aptitude during the time frame that the events of PSO/PSU/PS0 played out. It's also possible that the Photoners were individuals hand-picked by Xion out of the category, together with Luther being the sole survivor when the times of PSO2 come about.

A lot of this doesn't line up with lore. At one stage I believed that Pioneer 3 launched and it was the ship that discovered Xion, but what causes that to not work out is the fact that the photoners did not even understand what photons were earlier finding Xion. That right there pretty much breaks any possibility which PSO2 is a sequel to PSO because the Hunters were already using photon technologies on Ragol. You may find the origins of it via the description.Where was this of the Ruby Bullet? Because it doesn't make sense to call them"photoners" if they don't have any knowledge or capability to use photons. That's like calling a species of bird"crawler" when it primarily flies, nests in trees and preys on fish.

Anyone feel like PSO2 is a game that they really enjoy but wouldn't urge others to play?

I have had a number of the most fun playing with this out of any mmo. Frankly, I would not say there is anything Phantasy Star Online 2 does especially well, and there are sufficient frustrations equally in Phantasy Star Online 2 and connected to the Microsoft store for me to hesitate to recommend trying game out. All this having been said, I play Phantasy Star Online 2, it is just weird because I can't really think of too many reasons to perform with it over most other mmos or action rpgs. Anyone else feel this way?

Nope, I think it does things it sets out to do well. My sole problem is the exact same ol' PSO foible: Lack of true end game, but it is still plenty enjoyable. Combat is the finest in class for your own genre, class design is intriguing, aesthetics and customization cannot be approached for my tastes and there's generally a lot to see and do. Also important to me personally as an aging player is that it doesn't feel watered down to get a general audience. Perhaps this is exactly what you are feeling inside part. It is bizarre and ridiculous and a little mysterious like video games used to be. Its always nice to have something that is buy meseta pso2 only made for a bunch people fucking nerds again, no Hollywood influence, not targeting your match hating girlfriend or elderly grandparents, etc..